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Streah Independent Bottling strives to bring select single cask bottlings to market, in limited quantities, for all whisky enthusiasts and collectors.

The first bottling will be a rare single cask Port Charlotte, an independent bottling of one of the most talked-about new whiskies of recent times.

Port Charlotte is made on Islay at Bruichladdich by the legendary Jim McEwan and is one of the most heavily peated whiskies on the island. First distilled in 2001, this is a malt that has been long-awaited by Islay-philes.

£80.00 (+ £10 p&p - UK)

Jim McEwans Tasting Notes

Port Charlotte 2002.
Cask type: Refill Bourbon
Colour: Primrose / Light Saffron

Body – It’s the ultimate six pack, hot and virile. You kind of expect the spirit to burst into peat flames at any moment. It’s absolutely aglow with the Islay DNA. Total Rock’n’Roll.

Nose – Brilliant aromatics, the freshly dried peat notes, together with heather flower and bracken detonate from the glass giving the olfactory system a major wake-up call. Next to rise is an early morning dewy Forrest Freshness giving aromas of mountain Ash, Spruce, Rowan and Silver Birch. It’s a beautiful combination that really gives you that great to be alive feeling – Awesome stuff!

Palate – The palate experience reveals that hidden away beneath the peaty medicinal flavours is a delicious ripple of citrus lemon and wild honey, it brings a balance and a cooling freshness to the mouth feel and also reveals the smooth texture of young spirit. Add to that the fruits of distillation, pear, star fruits, and green apples plus the brandy snap sweetness from the oak staves and you have the very essence of Islay’s unique distilling style in the palm of your hand.

Finish – It’s young, its fun and the smouldering heat of peat just will not go away. Enjoy the ride!

Port Charlotte Whisky

Port Charlotte whisky was first distilled at Bruichladdich distillery after it reopened in 2001.

The whisky has been made to a traditional recipe, using a peating level of 40ppm, originally used at the old Lochindaal distillery Port Charlotte, prior to closure in 1929.

Bruichladdich intends to rebuild the distillery at Port Charlotte in the near future.